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‘East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet’, Rudyard Kipling wrote, and despite world getting more and more homogenous, West and East are still different. Due to difference in history, prevailing religions, political regimes and so on, and these differences are clearly seen in Western and Eastern approaches to education.

1. Creativity vs. Effort

Western educational systems put stress on the ideas of creativity. Of course, the system being a system means that many things are unified, but still, it usually does its best to promote individual approaches to different students.

Eastern education is all about effort and struggle – no thing is hard if you practice enough. Therefore, children are given enormous amounts of homework and are taught to work hard – that’s why Asian students are often much more productive than their peers when they get into more relaxed Western educational institutions.

2. Participation vs. Reception

Western education moves further and further along the road of turning students into full-fledged participants of education process. They are encouraged to ask questions and dispute with their teachers, to think critically. In the East, students are the recipients – they submit to the authority of teachers and the process itself is far less interactive.

3. Special needs: Inclusion vs. Separation

Western education makes great efforts to include children with special needs into the general mass of students – they tend to be taught together with normal children or at least it is considered to be their fundamental right.

In the East we generally see a diametrically opposite approach – children with disability are almost always taught separately from the rest, and it isn’t considered to be discriminatory, just logical.

4. Individualism vs. Conformity

Rugged individualism has always been one of the most characteristic features of Western societies and it is only natural that Western educational systems reflect it. Individuals are considered to be much more important than groups; which means that Western students are far less afraid of vocalizing their opinions and making mistakes – these are considered to be the natural part of personality development.

Eastern societies tend to be much more collectivistic, and collectivism breeds conformity – in order to succeed in a group, an individual has to conform to its values, principles and opinions while avoiding criticism and saving face whenever possible.

5. Fulfillment vs. Result

The popular idea in current Western education is that students have to find fulfillment in their studies – that is, study what they like and how they like in order to find their place in life. Eastern education, however, aims at making people more productive – both for themselves and the society in general. Children are being sent to cram schools from early age, spend long hours studying in order not to lose out to their peers – in other words, education doesn’t aim at being fun.

When all is said and done, we should remember that the word ‘versus’ here is for decoration only. These are not opposing views; these are just different approaches to one and the same thing.

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The definition like the Eastern culture and the Western culture seems to have the same origin. If speak in the simple words, the Eastern culture means Asia and the Western culture means Europe and the USA. These cultures were developed together for some time, but after some time they are really different. They can have some the same features, but also, they are really different ones. If you wish to order cultural analysis essay, you will like our custom writing service. You can be sure, that you will get the best cultural differences essay in the world. So, let’s check this information in detail.


What is the culture of the East and the West?

The Eastern culture is the culture of the countries like India, Japan and a lot of other ones, which have a lot of traditions and habits. They would like to continue the old traditions and to not like to change them to something new.

The Western culture is the culture of the Europe and the USA, which contains from the dynamic lifestyle, development in the countries and a lot of new technologies, which were developed.

The differences

  1. The Eastern culture is not developed very quickly. You can see, that there are the traditions, which were presented even 100, 200 or even more years ago. At the same time, the Western culture is developed every day. You can see a lot of changes and a lot of new things, which are added to it every day.
  2. The main difference in these cultures can be in the religion. The Eastern culture can have a lot of different Gods and religions. People believe not in one God, but they have a lot of them, for example, the Gods of the sky, sun and other ones. But in the Western culture is only one God and a lot of people from the West culture accept the Christianity.
  3. The Eastern culture is built on the different ancient traditions and rules. The West can break the rules and change them with the development.
  4. The West tries to find more information about this world, but the East does not like a lot of modern technologies.
  5. The people from the West are the masters of the nature, but the people from the West live in the nature, they are together with it.
  6. People from the West can show their point of view directly, in a few words. They do not use very long sentences and words, but at that time, people from the East like to use such constructions and some citations. Sometimes, it is very difficult to understand each other for peoples, that belong to the different cultures.
  7. For the Western culture, the person is on the first place, but if we compare it with the Eastern culture, there the person is not on the first place. You will see, that here, people live for the others, but in the Western culture, people should live for themselves only.
  8. It is possible to see the difference in solving the problem. People from the West see the problem and do everything possible to solve it in the shortest way. At that time, people, that live on the East, will think a lot and will do all possible to find the other solution.
  9. It can be the funny fact, but there is also the difference in the mood and the weather in these cultures. If there is the sunny weather, all people will be glad, but the people from the East will be glad even if there is the rain, at that time, when the people from the West will not be so happy.
  10. If we would like to check the life of the older people in these cultures, it can be in this way. The old people in the West spend their free time with animals or traveling, but the people in the East try to spend a lot of their free time with their children, families and relatives. It is because of the fact, that people value the family traditions a lot of the East. The detailed information you can find in the importance of family essay.
  11. If we check the working sphere, we will see the different attitude to the boss. In the Western culture, the boss is accepted as the usual worker, which can even be your friend and you can drink the beer with him after hard working day. But in the Eastern culture, the boss is the wisest person in the organization and people really respect him. The more detailed information you can get in the essay on cultural diversity, ordering it on our site,
  12. If we compare the transport system, we will see this picture. For example, in 1970 people from the West used a lot of cars, but at the same time, people from the East used the bicycles. If we compare the year 2006, we will see, that situation has changed. People from the East use a lot of cars, at that time, when people from the West try to use a lot of bicycles.
  13. If people went abroad, you can notice, that people from the West just look everything and try to visit every famous place. At the same time, people from the East have a lot of cameras and try to film everything they see.
  14. If we compare the meals, it is possible to see, that people from the West like eating different east food, at that time, when the people from the East like to eat the European cuisine.
  15. All of you know, that people from the West cannot imagine their life without coca cola. They can drink it every day. But at the same time, the famous drink between the people from the East is tea. They have a lot of sorts and it is possible to purchase this product in the shop. The prices are high, but you can be sure, that you are drinking the real tea.
  16. As we have a lot of work every day, we can notice, that usually we eat hot soup or something like it only 1 time per day. But people from the East can eat the hot dish 3 times per day.

As we can see, all people are different and because of it, the cultures are different too. It is very interesting to find some new traditions and rules for yourself every day, because of it, if you need to write the cultural competence essay, you can easily place the order on our site and you will get the essay, which will exceed all your expectations.


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