Kmca Scholarship Essays



I will update them as I get new information, but most have websites that you can go to for more details - ALWAYS DOUBLE-CHECK DEADLINES, as they can change from year to year!

AREA SCHOLARSHIPS RANGE FROM MARCH 1 - APRIL 15; LOCAL ST. PAUL SCHOLARSHIPS ARE LISTED AND DUE UNDER THE APRIL 15 DEADLINE largest free scholarship search check out this site for additional scholarships, some apply for a variety of ages, not just seniors.  $1000 essay contest $1000 essay contests, must be 16 to enter

Sussle Scholarship: $1000 monthly scholarship awarded the last day of each month, must be a senior or college student.  No application or essay - you will be posting your knowledge for the benefit of others, and in return, the best contributor will win.  They do not sell student information or market to them after they sign up, but are trying to increase site usage.  Go to: 

October 1 - opens - NFIB Young Entrepreneur Awards:  must be a senior with an officially established small business, visit for more info.

October 1 - Distinguished Scholarship Invitational @ Wichita State University:   by Oct. 1 must be admitted to WSU, submit transcript with minimum 3.50 GPA, have minimum ACT composite score of 24 to be considered.  Scholarship Invitationals are held early November for Barton School of Business, Wallace - Engineering, Music, and the Distinguished Scholarship Invitational. 

October 2 - Wendy's High School Heisman; student athletes who participate in at least 1 high school sport and are leaders in school and community.  Must have a "B" average.  Apply online at

October 6 - AES Engineers scholarship - $500 to the winner(s) each year.   Must be a senior, no GPA requirement, not required to be taking Engineering courses to be eligible.  Students will submit an essay on a topic that appear on the scholarship page of their web site:

October 30 - Wichita State Engineering Scholarships:   apply for engineering scholarships online at, must have applied for admissions.  Compete for scholarships at the Wallace Invitational for Scholarships in Engineering.

October 25 - Horatio Alger Scholarship:  eligibility - critical need ($50,000 or less adjusted gross income per family); involvement in co-curricular and community activities; display integrity and perseverance in overcoming adversity; minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.0.  See for more information and to apply!

 October 31 - Coca-Cola:   the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation is awarding $3 million a year in scholarships to 250 students.  Must have a 3.0 GPA minimum.  If you are a truly motivated, dedicated, involved high school senior, apply online at: 

Nov 1 - Voice of Democracy contest - STUDENTS GRADES 9-12:  audio-essay competition, this year's theme: "My Vision For America ."  Entries to VFW post by Nov. 1.  More information:

November 3 - Prudential Spirit of Community Awards Program:  ANY STUDENT GRADES 5-12 who has engaged in outstanding volunteer activities and community service within the last year.  For more information go to:

November 12  First Freedom Student Competition   (national essay and video contest for 9th-12th STUDENTS!)  For complete topic, essay and video guidelines, and other details, visit and click on the red First Freedom Student Competition button (center column).  Must register online by an earlier deadline.

November 15 - Jan. 10 - BK Scholars Program:  for high school SENIORS, Burger King employees and children of Burger King employees.  Must have a minimum GPA of 2.50.   Eligibility & How to Apply, visit:

November 15 - The Hagan Scholarship Foundation:  for SENIORS in rural counties, must  have 3.50 GPA or higher, minimum 23 on ACT, and fall under certain financial guidelines.  More information at:

November 25 - FIRE (Foundation for Individual rights in Education) EssayContest:   FIRE's Essay Contest will award $20,000 in scholarships to high school JUNIORS & SENIORS this fall! Visit to enter. Deadline Nov. 25, 2012.Did you know that some colleges and universities restrict student speech rights? Don't be surprised by campus censorship when you get to college - know before you go!  Visit to learn more. For more information on the cases and codes included in the video, visit  

November 27 - Elks Most Valuable Student Scholarship - must be a senior and US Citizen; based on scholarship, leadership and financial need.  Start working on it early!  See website for more information:

November ? - Garvey Scholarship Exam for Washburn University:   $500-$2000 renewable scholarships based on results of Garvey Test, must have minimum 3.25 GPA.  Must also turn in: Application for admission, $20 application fee, official HS transcript, ACT scores.    See more information.

December 1 - The Violet Richardson Award Honoring Young Women for Volunteer Action (Parsons Soroptimist Organization):  GIRLS AGES 14-17 who volunteer in their community or school are eligible to apply.  Brochure and application in counseling office.

December 1 : KFC Colonel's Scholars Program:   looking for SENIORS with financial need and an entrepreneurial spirit; must have a minimum GPA of 2.75; enroll in a public college within your own state; plan to pursue a bachelor's degree; demonstrate financial need.  Students asked to provide info about themselves and family life, their activity level during HS, and compose a few short answer responses to various questions.  Complete application online at

December 1 - AXA Achievement Scholarship:  only the first 10,000 applications will be accepted, apply early!  A winner in every state; scholarships of $10,000 & $25,000.  For more information see:

December 1 - KU Self Engineering Leadership Fellows Program:   for engineering and computer science students with an aptitude for math and science planning to attend KU.  15-20 freshmen with a passion for technology and a desire to make a difference will be selected to receive $20,000, 4-year financial packages.  To learn about the program and application process go to

December 5 - Wichita State Engineering Scholarships - apply for engineering scholarships online at, must have applied for admissions.  Compete for scholarships in the Wallace Invitational for Scholarships in Engineering.

December 10 - K-State's Civic Leadership Scholarship:  identifies and rewards senior students who are making a difference and demonstrating creativity by developing projects and programs with a lasting impact on those they serve.  Must have an exemplary record of community service, be admitted to K-State, complete the K-State scholarship application at Nov. 1,  then the supplemental application by Dec. 10th found at:

December 18 - KSU Acacia Fraternity: male attending KSU, leadership scholarships (1 - $1000; 2 - $500), no obligation to fraternity.  More information and application available online at 

Dec. 31:  YES for Liberty 2nd Annual Youth Educational Scholarship Constitution Bee  grades 9-12 may enter; applications due Dec. 31st, scholarship participants notified in January,  Constitution Bee held in March in Manhatten, KS.  See website for application forms and information:

Dec 31:  Gene & Kelly Tanabe Scholarship - (1) $1,000 award to 9th-12th grade student, college or grad school student, US resident, requires a brief 250-word personal statement/essay.  See www.gkscholarship.comfor more information.  Fall competition Aug 1 - Dec 31; Spring competition January 1 - July 31.  

January 1 - National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) Scholarship program:  senior with 3.0; copy of current hunting license; must hold current NWTF membership; essay; 3 letters of recommendation; for more information and to download an application see:  

January 5 - American Legion Oratorical Contest:  open to ANY HS STUDENT, this program helps students receive a better understanding of the US Constitution, and gain a deeper respect and knowledge of duties as American citizens.  Must give a prepared oration, as well as an impromptu speech.  Local contest (and award money) sponsored by Erie American Legion (Steve Richey, contact person).  Local winner will go on to the regional competition.  More info in counseling office. 

January 5, 2013  Deadline - Profiles in Courage Essay Contest:   write an original and creative essay of less than 1,000 words that demonstrates an understanding of political courage as described by John F. Kennedy in Profiles in Courage.   Use at least 5 varied sources such as newspaper articles, books, and/or personal interviews.  ANY STUDENT in grades 9-12 are eligible.  For complete guidelines visit the Profile in Courage Award Program at 

January 5 - GE- Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program:  awards roughly 20 students who demonstrate exemplary leadership, drive, integrity, and citizenship with $10,000 renewable scholarships.  For eligibility requirements and online application, visit

January 19 - KSDE Margaret Van Horn Scholarship:  senior or college student; GPA of 2.50 or above; must be entering an education or business-related career.  More information on website:  

January 15 - Washington Crossing Foundation:   National Scholarships available for Seniors $500 - $5000, History Buff? Enjoy Politics? Government or Military Service in your Future? For seniors planning careers of service in local, state or federal government.  Visit website: for more info, or call 215-949-8841.

January 15 - PSU's HONOR COLLEGE Scholarship Program:   minimum qualifications are 28 ACT, and 3.5 GPA.  Applications available online at, complete application packets include the following:  application form, official copy of all transcripts, reference forms in sealed envelopes.

January 23rd - Acacia Leadership Scholarship:  for an incoming K-State male with leadership skills; no obligation to join the Acacia Fraternity; 1-$1,000; 2-$500 scholarships, application online at:

February 1 - PSU SCHOLARSHIP DEADLINE:  fill out online form at   The MATH dept also has additional scholarships (2 - $1500 renewable; several $1000), for students admitted as a math major at PSU.  Must enroll in a Calculus course at PSU during your freshman year.  Application in counseling office.

February 1 - Elks Legacy Scholarship Program: open to any high school senior who is a child, step-child, grandchild, step-grandchild, or legal ward of a living Elk member in good standing who joined the order on or before April 1, 2010.  Students who qualify for the Legacy Scholarship program may also apply for the MVS scholarship, but must complete both applications.  Applications for this program only available online at

February 1 -  AXA Achievement Community Scholarship:  must be active in your community; led a project that benefits others; overcome personal challenges.  Scholarships of $2,000.  Learn more at

February 1 - GPACAC (Great Plains Assoc. for College Admissions Counseling) Scholarship:  senior with minimum GPA of 3.0; ACT Composite 21-28; essay.  More information and application online at 

February 1 - KU Hixson Opportunity Awards:   scholarships designed for students who have faced significant challenges that may hinder their ability to attend college will have the opportunity to receive $5000 per year for up to four years.  Available to ten entering freshmen attending KU who are residents of Kansas.  Application and additional information about the scholarship program are also available online at

February 1 (December 10 Early Bird Deadline) - ESA Foundation Scholarships:  must have minimum 3.0 GPA or 22 ACT, or GPA designated by specific endowment.  For high school seniors or college age students.  Must have 2 reference letters and write a 1 pg. essay.  Criteria, list of scholarships for Kansas, and application, see

February 1 - Playing with a Purpose Scholarship Program: criteria - sophomore, junior or senior; "c" grade average or higher; currently a varsity level athlete; committed follower of Jesus Christ.  For complete listing of benefits, opportunities, and online application, visit

February 1 - KS VFW Endowment Scholarship: must have parent or grandparent that is a member of the VFW or ladies Auxiliary in the state of Kansas.  Who may apply:  Seniors, someone already in college, or someone wanting to build a career later in life.  $500/sem. Application in counseling office.

February 1 - KAEOP Scholarship: $300, open to business education students who wish to continue their education and pursue an office related career, preferably in the education field. Criteria: scholastic, initiative, financial need.  For a copy of the application, contact Theresa Cote,, (785) 296-2303. Completed application with enclosures must be postmarked Feb. 1st.

February 1 - KSU Delta Chi James Komatz Memorial/Dr. Alan Brightman Scholarships: criteria - male attending KSU, minimum 3.0 GPA, leadership, scholarship, involvement, and service.  $250, apps in counseling office, must be received by Feb. 1.

February 4, 2014 - Senator Robert J. Dole Public Service Scholarship Program opens: must have 3.0 GPA; involvement in significant amount of volunteer community service projects or public service activities; must be enrolling at a Regents School (KU, KSU, PSU, Ft. Hays Univ., WSU, or ESU) or Washburn. $1,000 one-time scholarship, see link for more info:   Information on website opens Feb. 4 -- CHECK WEBSITE FOR SCHOLARSHIP DEADLINE!!

February 15 - Best Buy Scholarship Program:   1,000 scholarships of $1,000 each; students grades 9-12 are eligible to apply; need solid grades, involved in volunteer community service or work experience.  Visit websites to apply online “

February 15 - Ladies Auxiliary VFW Continuing Education Scholarship:  must be 18 or older, only spouse, daughter, and son of a member are eligible.  Application in counseling office.


February 15 - American Legion Scholarships: All Legion applications are now available online at website.  Click on the button to the left named "Scholarships" then select which scholarship(s) you wish to view and print off the application!

  Music Committee Scholarship: one $1,000 scholarship to KS high school senior, or college level freshman or sophomore who will major or minor in music.

  Shooting Sports:  one $500 scholarship to KS senior or college freshman who has participated in an American Legion Shooting Sports program on the State and Regional levels.  Applicants must be 18 prior to taking the KS State Board Exam.  Awarded to an individual who is both qualified and in need of financial aid.

  Hobble (LPN) Nursing:  one $300 scholarship for an LPN Nursing student.  Applicants must be 18 prior to taking the KS State Board Exam.  Must be qualified and in need of financial aid.

The following 7 Legion scholarships are available to HS seniors, college level freshmen/sophomores who need educational assistance, and are enrolled in an approved 2 year-4 year-college-university-trade school in Kansas.  Applicant must be son or daughter of a veteran; a parent must have been a member of the KS American Legion and/or Legion Auxiliary for the past 3 years.  Children of deceased members in either organization are also eligible if the parents' dues were paid at time of death.  Applicants must be average or better scholastically, and must show a HS transcript with GPA:

Hugh A. Smith - one $500 scholarship

Ted and Nora Anderson - four $500 scholarships

Albert M. Lappin - one $1000 scholarship

Rosedale Post 346 - two $1,500 scholarships

Charles W. & Annette Hill - one $1,000 scholarship, applicants must have at least a 3.0 GPA.  Consideration given to applicants in the field of Science, Engineering, or Business Administration.

Jay B. Thielen - five $500 scholarships to senior who is a US citizen or the child of a member of the Sons of The American Legion, or a member of The Sons of the American Legion for the past 3 years is eligible to apply.

U.S. "Udie" Grant - one $500 scholarship, must be a HS senior, undergrad college student who is a US citizen or the child of a member of the Sons of the American Legion, or a member of The Sons of The American Legion for the past three years.


February 15 - K.A.D.P.F. (KS Assoc. of Directors of Plant Facilities) Scholarship:  four $1000 scholarships to graduating seniors of custodial workers, building & grounds, food service or transportation positions in a K-12 or secondary educaiton institution, who wish to continue their education at the college level.  Criteria includes ACT, GPA, curriculum taken, financial need, extracurricular and work activities.  Information and application available on the following website: 

February 26 - KS Assoc. of Wheat Growers Herb Clutter Scholarship: one $500 scholarship to an incoming freshman attending any two or four year Kansas college or university, majoring in agriculture.  More information at

February 28 - Bill Spaniol Memorial Scholarship:  one or more $500 scholarships; priority given to those seeking a career in Environmental Sciences or a related field.  Application packets due by Feb. 28, and applicants will be notified by March 31.  Information about the scholarship, including an application, can be found at:

February 28 - Kate Herzog Writing Scholarship:  amount - $500, $250, awards four students who are either high school seniors or college freshmen.  More info:

February 28 - NIH undergraduate Scholarsip Program for Individuals from Disadvantaged Backgrounds:  $20,000, this opportunity provides students with the tools to engage in biomedical, behavioral, and social science health-related research.  More info:

February 28 - Buick Achievers Scholarship Program:  seniors and current college students who plan to enroll full-time at a four-year college, and plan to major in a field of study that focuses on engineering, technology, design or business, with an interest in the automotive industry.  100 scholarships each up to $25,000/year; 1,000 scholarships each at  $2,000.  See

March 1 - RE French Family Scholarships:  Regional awards based on grades, test scores, need, chosen course of study, motivation & character.  $1600/yr renewable based on maintaining a certain GPA. Download application HERE.

March 1 - Eagle Scout of the Year (American Legion): one $500 scholarship to HS student at least 15 yrs. old, who has earned their Eagle rank.  More criteria and information in counseling office.

March 1 - J.L. Cleland GLBT Non-discrimination Award at KU:  financial support for incoming freshman at KU who has experienced discrimination, bullying, and/or violence based on the belief, real or perceived, that said students are gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, or transgender; or for students who have exhibited support for GLBT persons.  The recipient will have the opportunity to receive funding up to the cost of resident tuition and fees.  Application and additional information about the scholarship program are also available online at 

March 1 - Visine Students with Vision Scholarship Program:  one-time $5000 scholarships to seniors and current college students with minimum GPA of 2.8, based on academic achievement, school/community involvement; financial need and demonstrated vision or goal for their future.  See   Apply early!

March 1 - Business Teacher Educ.Scholarship @ Emporia State:  three $1000 scholarships to seniors and/or community college students who plan to major in business (teacher) education at ESU.  Essay, recommendation from business teacher, and resume required.  More information in counseling office. 

March 1 - GPACAC Paul Max Scholarship:  $1,000 scholarship to a senior from KS, NE or OK planning to attend a 2-year or 4-year college; strong service record that impacted their school, religious affiliation or community; community service hours must've been completed in the past two years; GPA between 2.75-3.50, apply online at

March 1 - Glenn Lygrisse/KACRAO (KS Assoc. of Collegiate Registrars & Admissions Officers Scholarship:   4 - $250 awards for students who have demonstrated quality leadership during HS, not need-based; must be a senior, at least 3.25 GPA, minimum ACT 22, submit reference letters and essay.  Applications on website: , then Information for Counselors tab.

March 1 - KS City Assoc. Equipment Distributors/Heavy Equipment & Diesel Engine Repair Scholarship:  KCAED has developed a scholarship for students with an interest in pursuing Heavy Equipment or Diesel Engine Repair.  Will award up to four scholarships of $1,000 each ($500 per semester).  May reapply for second year if qualifications are met.  List of schools offering these programs within a 300-mile radius of Kansas City is included with the application packet, which is available in the counseling office.

March 5 - KSCPA Accounting Scholarship:  must be a senior, high ACT, attend a KS college planning to major in accounting, demonstrate leadership through extra-curricular activities, not need-based.  Go to:, then Up and Coming Professionals, then Scholarships.

March 6 - KS Society of Certified Public Accountants Scholarships:  seniors entering a KS college; not need-based; rank high in ACT; demonstrate leadership activities, and plan to major in accounting.  1 - $1,300, $900, $800, $700, $600; and 15 - $500 scholarships awarded.  Test score deadline March 6; application deadline April 17, 2013.  Application in counseling office.

March 6 - Scott Mecham BBB Student of Integrity Award: HS Senior planning to continue education, resides in Nebraska, the Kansas Plains, South Dakota or Southwest Iowa.  8 award winners to each receive $2,000.  Criteria:  Essay 50%; Community Service 20%; Leadership 20%; Recommendations 5%; Academics 5%.  App & more info:

March 9 - Scholar Athlete Milk Mustache of the Year (SAMMY) Awards Program:   Criteria - academic performance (35%), athletic excellence (35%), leadership (15%), community service (10%) and milk experience (10%).  Visit for complete rules, information and an online application.

March 9 - Senator Robert J. Dole Public Service Scholarship Program: must have 3.0 GPA; involvement in significant amount of volunteer community service projects or public service activities; enrolling at a Regents School (KU, KSU, PSU, Ft. Hays Univ., WSU, or ESU) or Washburn. $1,000 one-time scholarship, see link for more info:   Program opens usually in January.  Check early in case of date changes.

March 15 - Kohl's Kids Who Care Scholarship Program:   2 age groups - ages 6-12, and 13-18.  Recognizes and rewards young volunteers who have helped make their communities a better place. Eligible nominee criteria: actions must be described in detail and document efforts above and beyond expectations of a child his or her age; volunteer efforts must be within the last year; winners chosen based on project, benefits and outcome.  Visit for official rules and to nominate a deserving young volunteer, nominations accepted usually Feb. 1 - March 15, but check site.

March 15 - Community National Bank & Trust PSU Scholarship: $500 per year/250 sem.,  must be enrolled full-time at PSU, essay.  Applications at area bank branches, like Girard, Parsons, Pittsburg.

March 31 - Young American Creative Patriotic Art Contest:open to all students grades 9-12.  No digital art accepted, must be on canvas or paper and matted in white.  Judging on patriotic theme and technique.  Entries go to local Ladies Auxiliary.  More information will be coming to counseling office.

March 31 - KS Hospital Educ. & Research Foundation Health Care Scholarships:  for any Kansan enrolled or planning to enroll in a KS school accredited by an appropriate state licensing health career board is eligible, priority given to professions experiencing shortages in Kansas.  30 health care scholarships ($500-$800 each) offered in the following categories:  Nursing, Graduate scholarships, Nursing or Allied Health Education Faculty Scholarships, Other Health Scholarships, Human Resources, Health Information Technology Scholarships.  Applications found at:  

March 31 and June 30 - Ron Hubbard Illustrators of the Future Contest:  Amount - $500, grand prize $4,000.  For students gifted in art and interested in fantasy or science fiction.  More info:

March 31 - Neosho County Farm Bureau Scholarship:  Two $250 scholarships to Neosho County seniors; student or parent must be a member; senior must attend college or vo-tech school in fall.  Download application here.

April 1 - Steve Geier Memorial Scholarship:  any senior who plans to attend a post-secondary school full-time is eligible.  Return application to Mrs. Tuck by March 28, or mail to Susan Geier at address listed on application.  Download application HERE.

April 1 - KMCA (KS Motor Carriers Assoc) Scholarship:  3-4 renewable $1,000 scholarships to senior or current college student.  Preference given to those planning to go into the transportation industry (drivers, mechanics, pilots, office personnel, accounting or communications for a transportation company, etc. but not limited to those majors).  Need application, transcript, letter of academic plans, 1-3 letters of recommendation, recent photo.  Application packet must be mailed.  See for application and more information.

April 1 - Peter Pasula Study Habits Scholarship:  1-$500 award, be enrolled at any level in a post-secondary program that is two years in length or longer, essay.  Online application form:

April 2 - Kansas Junior Golf Scholarship: The KS Golf Foundation will award 5 scholarships for 2012; this is an academic scholarship.  Must have participated in junior golf activities, including HS golf.  Based on academic performance, leadership, written essay and financial need.  $1250 per year, renewable up to 4 years.  Must attend a KS college.  Details and a downloadable application form are available at:

April 6 - Producers Coop Assoc Scholarships: offered to HS seniors from the communities surrounding Girard, KS; $250 per year, renewable for 3 additional years upon maintaining a 3.0 GPA.  Committee considers:  applicant's interest in studies relating to agriculture or fields that benefit rural life; participation/leadership in school, church, and community; reputation for good citizenship/good moral character; financial need/sources of income and willingness to work; academic progress.  Apps in counseling office usually in late February.

April 10 - Kansas Seed Industry Assoc. Scholarships:  (2) $1000 scholarships; must be focused on a career in agriculture and planning to attend a college in KS; must be HS senior or current college student; scholarship form on website: 

April Deadline - Ayn Rand Fountainhead Essay Contest for grades 11th & 12th:   Read book and write essay (800-1600 words) over one of three prompts.  See complete list of rules and guidelines at

April 15 - St. Paul Mission Township Volunteer Fire Dept. Scholarship:  1 - $200 award; St. Paul senior; preference given to student pursuing studies related to Public Service (Fire Science, EMS, Law Enforcement, Medical Field) or community volunteer experience; need two reference letters; download application here.

April 15 - ST. PAUL ALUMNI & FRIENDS SCHOLARSHIPS FOR PAST GRADUATES:  YOU CAN FIND THE APPLICATION FOR POST-SECONDARY STUDENTS AT  You may use unofficial transcripts.  Mail, (SPHS, 118 1st St., St. Paul)  fax, (620-449-8960) or email ( to Marti Tuck. 

April 15 - St. Paul Alumni Scholarships:  Senior @ SPHS; 3.25 GPA or 21 ACT; need recommendation letter; $150-$500, can reapply during college; download application here.

April 15 - St. Paul PTO Scholarships: Senior @ SPHS; no specific criteria; number/amount of awards vary; mail to Jane O'Bryan; download application here.

April 15 - James E. Carter Memorial Community Service Scholarship: senior; priority given to applicants pursuing careers in Law Enforcement/Public Service, but will consider others; download application here.

April 15 - Jared Snider St. Paul Scholarship: senior; priority given to applicants pursuing trade/technical school or medical field,  $500 one-time scholarship; download application here.

May 1 - deadline for all KS Board of Regents Scholarships:  KS Ethnic Minority; KS Nursing Service Scholarship; KS Teacher Service Scholarship; KS State Scholarship; KS Career Technical Workforce Grant, Military Service Scholarship, National Guard Educ. Assistance Program:  Program descriptions and details on website; go to forfffffffff

    KS Career Technical Workforce Grant:  awards given to students enrolling in designated high-demand, critical industry programs of study.  See list, application, and more information onwebsite at

    KS Ethnic Minority Scholarship:  assists financially needy, academically competitive students who are identified as members of certain ethnic/racial groups

    KS Military Service Scholarship:  KS resident who has served in any military operation after 9/11 for which they received hostile fire pay in international waters, or on foreign soil

    KS National Guard Educational Assistance Program:  recipients agree to complete their current service obligation to the KS Air/Army National guard plus three months of service for each semester of assistance they receive

    KS Nursing Service Scholarship: must secure a sponsor to fund up to half of the scholarship and provide full-time employment to the recipient after     licensure

    KS State Scholarship:  eligible applicants receive a letter stating that they were designated by the KBOR as a KS State Scholar, based on GPA & ACT

    KS Teacher Service Scholarship:  recipients have a service obligation to teach in an identified curriculum or underserved area one year for each year of funding

May 1  - Quest Credit Union Scholarship:  $500 first, $250 second; senior; essay; eligible for member in credit union; competition open to communities in which Quest serves (most of ours around here are included); for application, eligibility, or more info visit

May 30 - Maple Leaf Dentistry Scholarship: 1- $500 award; must be in any year of undergraduate level in the fall, in a program at least 2 years in length, must have done at least 100 hours of volunteer work over the last 2 years, GPA 3.0 or higher.  Application online at

June 1  - Collegiate Inventors Competition:  amount - $25,000, $15,000, or $10,000.  Students applying for this award must invent something that is patentable and not currently available to the public.  More info:

July 15  American Legion Scholarships,

                Dr. Click Cowger Baseball Scholarship: $500, must have participated in American Legion Baseball.

                Paul Flaherty Athletic Scholarship: $250 to HS boy or girl who has participated in school athletics, $125 paid each semester.







March Scholarships

 Tortoise Young Entrepreneurs Scholarship

  • 1st Place - $3,000
  • 2nd Place - $2,000
  • 3rd Place - $1,000

Attend a 4 year college in Kansas or Missouri and have a 3.3 GPA with a minmum ACT score of 24. Due March 1, 2018

 2018 Masonic Lodge General/Legacy/ and Technical Scholarships 

RUDD Foundation Scholarship

The Rudd Scholarship covers any remaining cost of attendance after all other aid, grants, and scholarships are applied to a students account. Tuition, fees, book and supplies, room and board. 

  • 4 years renewable
  • 3.0 GPA
  • Pell Grant-Eligible
  • Must be attending Emporia State, Fort Hays State or Wichita State RUDD Scholarship Due March 11th, 2018

Crime Stoppers Scholarship

  • Non-Renewable $300
  • Must be a graduating  High School Senior planning to attend college in the fall
  • Letter of recommendation from a teacher, counselor or area Crime-Stoppers Member
  • Recent photograph for possible media use
  • Original, handwritten essay describing future goals and objective
  • Due March 23, 2018
  • Mail to: KCSA Collegiate Scholarship Application  Attn: Bev Hill 3117 Tomahawk Drive Lawrence, KS 66049  KSCA Scholarship


KACRAO – Kansas Association of Collegiate Registars and Admissions Officers

Glenn Lygriesse/KACRAO Scholarship

4 - $250 awards

·         GPA 3.25 or higher

·         ACT 22 or higher

·         Application

·         Essay

·         Letters of Reference

·         Resume

·         Evidence of Leadership Experience

Application at Usually March 1, 2018


Kansas Junior Golf Scholarship
5 Scholarships to students who have participated in high school golf.
·         Based on academic performance
·         Leadership
·         Written Essay
·         Financial Need
·         $1500 per school year (renewable for up to 4 years)
Recipients must attend a Kansas college or university, including community colleges.
Apply at Kansas Golf Scholarship
Application is due March30,2018

NEO Principal / Counselor Scholarship

This scholarship will go to a Riverton Student

The student must attend NEO

$600 Per Year

Due to Mrs. Wassom by March 2, 2018

The application is belowNEO Principal Counselor Scholarship



Kansas City Associated Equipment Distributors Scholarship

This scholarship applies to tech school at Fort Scott, PSU and many others (Diesel Mechanics, Heavy Equipment Repair)

·         Must have a 2.5 GPA in high school

·         Must enroll full time at a technical or vocational school  - Diesel Mechanics or Large Equipment Repair

·         Maintain a 3.0 GPA while in tech or vo-tech

·         Must apply by 

·         $1, 000 per year! (renewable)

Download Application 

Kansas City Associated Approved Schools pg. 2 


Kansas Grain and Feed Association Scholarship

The Kansas Grain and Feed Association will award the following scholarships on the basis of merit to any high school student:

1 - Dub and Inez Johnson $500 Memorial Scholarship

($250 each semester)

5 - KGFA $1,000 Scholarships

($500 each semester)

These are available to students attending any college or university and pursuing any field of study.


Applicants should be high-school graduating seniors, self-starters,

Possess excellent academic credentials, be good school and community citizens and have a strong desire to continue their education.

Usually due in mid-March


Kansas Agribusiness Retailers Association

The Kansas Agribusiness Retailers Association will award the following

scholarships on the basis of merit to any high school or current

undergraduate student:

1 - $500 Jim Lee Memorial Agribusiness/Agronomy Scholarship

3 - $1,000 Agribusiness/Agronomy Scholarships


Any high school student planning to major in, or current undergraduate

student majoring in, agronomy, crop science, ag engineering, professional

ag-chemical application or a related field of study. These scholarships are

available to students planning to attend or currently enrolled at any

university, junior college, community college or technical school in the state

of Kansas. This is a one-time scholarship, but winners may re-apply for the

scholarship after the first year. Applicants should be self-starters, have a

good academic standing, be good school and community citizens and

have a strong desire to continue their education.

1 - $1,000 Dr. David Whitney Agronomy Scholarship


Any undergraduate student majoring in agronomy at Kansas State University

who will be enrolled as a junior or senior in the 2015-16 school year

Applications can be downloaded at:

Applications  must be received by Usually due in March


Power Plant Operator Scholarship & Line Worker Scholarship

·         Must be a resident of Kansas

·         Must pursue a degree Power Plant Technology in Kansas

·         Must enroll full time in degree program

·         Must maintain a 2.5 GPA

·         $2, 000 (for 2 years)

·    Application:    

Usually due in March


QuestBridge College Match Scholarship for Junior Students

-          Full scholarships for 4 years at partner universities

·         No parental contribution

·         No student loans

·         May contain student work-study and student summer work contribution


1.       Complete the most challenging curriculum in your high school

2.      Class Rank: Top 5-10%

3.       ACT composite score above 27 (this is not a strict cut off)

4.       Financial Need (i.e.Family earnings must be less than $60,000 for a family of 4) Individual

           Household circumstances are taken into consideration.

Apply online at


Line Worker Scholarship

·         Must be a resident of Kansas

·         Must pursue a degree in Electric Power and Distribution in Kansas

·         Must be eligible to obtain a commercial drivers license

·         Must maintain a 2.5 GPA

·         If 18, must be willing to submit to a Motor Vehicle Records Check (drug free, no DUI convictions)

·         Application andessay due mid -March (check back)



 Janice M. Scott Memorial Scholarship Fund Application

  • Parents adjusted gross income must be under $100,000
  • Need -based
  • Academic based
  • Community service based
  • Writing skill based
  • Need, Academics, Community Service, and Writing Skills each receive 25 of 100 pts.
  • You must complete all criteria as well as the application (download the attached files)
  • 3.0 GPA

6 - $2,500 Scholarships will be awarded


Due: Usually due late March, date not yet posted.

 Essay Scholarship Contest For Students Who Have Used EverFi, The Stock Market Game

The State Bank Commissioner and the Kansas Insurance Department have partnered this year to award 5 scholarships to Kansas Seniors. Up to $1,000 in honorable mention awards may also be issued.

  • 1st $2500
  • 2nd $2000
  • 3rd $1500
  • 4th $1000
  • 5th $500
  • Up to 4 $250 Honorable Mention Due Tuesday, March 27th
  • The teacher of the 1st place student will receive a $150 gift card. The teacher credited with the most valid entries will receive a $100 gift card.

Details at Contest Rules Due by March 27, 2018






April Scholarships


Kansas Society of Certified Public Accountants
Thinking of going into accounting?
Apply for the 2017 scholarship.
Offered without regard to financial need.
Looking for students who rank high on the ACT and demonstrate leadership activities and majoring in accounting

Usually due mid-April - check back for details



Contact for more info.



 Dr. LaFerla Scholarship

  • Current or former patient of Dr. LaFerla
  • 3.0 GPA 
  • Community Participation
  • Financial Need
  • Application must be received by Dr. LaFerla's office by (check back for updates)
  • Dr. LaFerla 2805 E. 29th St., Joplin, MO 64804 



KCCEOA Scholarship

These $500 Scholarships will go to students who will attend a Kansas College or University and are majoring in Journalism, Political Science, or Communications.

The application is found at

Applications must be received (check back for updates)


Kenneth L. Short Memorial Scholarship

  • $1,000
  • 500 Word Essay
  • Letter of Rec
  • Transcript

Kenneth L. Short Memorial Scholarship Due April 6, 2018


KMCA Scholarship

3-4 $1,000 renewable scholarships

Preference given to students interested in transportation industry (drivers, accountants,

Mechanics, communications, business, office personnel)   Usually due by April 1 (check back for updated information)


 Allen Community College 

Activity Scholarships (fine arts and communication included)

Covers full -time tuition plus textbook rental

 Provides financial support without students needing to major in the discipline

May be supplemented by additional financial awards for those students with a GPA of 3.5 or higher

Priority deadline of April 1st, However Applications will be accepted after that date 




 $300 Scholarship for students planning to major in a business related field.

Applications are now available for the Kansas State Department of Education Association of Educational Office Professionals (KSDE AEOP) Margaret Van Horn Scholarship.  Each year the association offers a scholarship to a Kansas student.  Applicants must be majoring in either education or business with a minimum enrollment of nine semester hours or at least half time.  The scholarship award is offered for the purchase of books, payment of fees or tuition, purchase of supplies, or other academic expenses. 

Emphasis for selection of the recipient will be based on the scholarship application, initiative exhibited, character shown, and/or other factors supporting his/her candidacy. 

The completed application, with original signature and enclosures, must be postmarked by   Emailed applications will not be accepted.

Watch for the updated application update


ACF Visionary Scholarship Program 

Each award is a non-renewable, one-time award and is to be used exclusively to offset costs and fees related directly to the student’s first year of higher post-secondary education at an accredited institution of the student’s choosing within the US. If an under classman is an award recipient, the monies will be held by the ACF until the student completes high school and begins higher education.
$1,000- $5,000 each (Non -renewable)
Financial need not considered.
Application Deadline 2015-16 (must be received by): May 1, 2018
Winners chosen May 15,2016 and awards distributed: July 31,2018
Only one application per student, per award year will be accepted.
Only non-winners may reapply each subsequent year.
Apply at:

Kansas Society of Certified Public Accountants
Thinking of going into accounting?
Apply for the 2016 scholarship.
Offered without regard to financial need.
Looking for students who rank high on the ACT and demonstrate leadership activities and majoring in accounting
Submission of Test Scores-
Submission of Application- Usually due April 15th


Contact for more info.



 Kansas Regents Scholarships - Listed Below - View all Opportunities at   
Kansas Ethnic Minority Scholarship- $1,850 per year- Deadline May 1
        Complete FASFA by April 1  

   You only need to meet ONE of the following requirements
o   ACT score of 21 OR
o   Cummulative high school GPA of 3.00  OR
o   High school rank in upper 33%  OR
o   Completion of Kansas Scholar Curriculum  OR
o   Selection by National Merit   OR
o   Selection by College Board        Apply online at


Kansas State Scholarship- $1,000 per year (up to five years) - Deadline May 1
-          Complete FASFA by April 1
-          Take ACT by December, 2012
-          Complete the Kansas Scholars Curriculum
-          KSC curriculum and 7th semester GPA certified by high school counselor
-          Graduate during the 2012-2013 academic year
-          Be enrolled in 12 credit hours or more AND maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA

Kansas Teacher Service Scholarship- $2,757 per semester (for 12+ hours) - May 1

·         Requirements:

·         Enrolled, or accepted for admission, in a program leading to licensure as a teacher in an identified disciple OR area

·         Complete the FASFA and the State of Kansas Aid Application

·         Discipline Areas
 Special Education

  Foreign Language
  English as a Second Language(ESL)

·         Geographic Areas
   USD 501 Topeka, USD 500 Kansas City, KS
   USD 259 Wichita, State Board Of Education Area 5
          Apply at

Kansas Comprehensive Grant- from $200- $3,500- April 1
-          Based on financial need from FASFA info
-          Apply at
Kansas Work Study- April 1
-          Enrolled at least half time
-          Eligible students will work on a part-time basis
Kansas ROTC- 100% paid- April 1
-          Sutdent must agree to serve for not less than four years in the Kansas Army National Guard

May Scholarships

Kansas Career Technical Workforce Grant

The  Career Technical Workforce Grant is available to students enrolled in a an eligible career in technical education program operated by a designated Kansas educational institution that has been identified as offering a technical certificate or associate of applied science degree program in a high cost, high demand, or critical industry field. Designated Kansas educational institutions include technical colleges, community colleges, and public four-year colleges that award associate of applied science degrees: and Washburn institute of Technology.  Only technical certificate and associate of applied science degree programs are included among the eligible programs. Preference in awarding goes to applicants with financial need. Priority Deadline: May 1

Apply at:

Eligible Programs for Career Technical Workforce Grant:

Quapaw Tribe of Oklahoma Educational Fund Application
4 sources of funding for students pursuing a college, university, technical school, or vocational education.
Student’s must be a member of the Quapaw Tribe.
Up to $2,100 per semester.
Applications are in Mrs. Wassom's Office (in April)
They are being accepted May 31st



June Scholarships

BigSun Scholarship

The BigSun Organization is proud to be able to continue to help young athletes succeed in their academic pursuits. We are offering an annual scholarship to a deserving student. All student athletes are eligible for this award, regardless of which sport they are participating in.
Deadline        -  June 19, 2018
Amount of Award  -        $500.00
The successful applicant will be a high school senior or be attending a post -secondary institute and currently involved in some sport at that institution or in the community..
 Please visit our website at to learn how to apply.


July Scholarships

American Legion Scholarships - DUE JULY 15

Dr. "Click" Cowger Baseball Scholarship
This $500 scholarship is awarded to a Kansan who has participated in American Legion Baseball. Applications must be received in Department Headquarters by July 15.
Paul Flaherty Athletic Scholarship
This $250 scholarship is awarded to a high school boy or girl who has participated in school athletics. Applications must be received in Department Headquarters by July 15
"Need A Lift?"
National furnishes this booklet, containing over two billion dollars in scholarships and educational information, to schools and libraries for the benefit of assisting students who need help in furthering their education. The book is updated annually and contains hundreds of scholarships, grants, and occupational opportunities available to high school seniors and college level freshmen or sophomores. For further information on the "Need A Lift?" booklet, contact your school counselor or your local American Legion Post.
A copy of the eligibility requirements and applications may be obtained from your local American Legion Post, high school or contact: American Legion Headquarters, 1314 SW Topeka, Blvd., Topeka, KS 66612.









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