Essay About Service Above Self Club

Nicholas Chabot is the deserving recipient from Parkside for the Service Above Self Award.

Nick is a leader in both the school and community through his involvement in various initiatives that promote integrity and goodwill for others. He is a role model at Parkside, exceeding expectations in all classes and acts as the VP Internal for student council.

He started volunteering at a young age in elementary school by providing peer support, reading buddies, anti-bullying coalition and other avenues of supporting students and mental health. Currently, he is an active member of the Interact Club, acting as the current president. Much of his time is spent on fundraising and he has been an integral part in the following events: car wash, violence against women, hospital donations, INN out of the cold, teddy bear donation, window painting,road races and the home and garden show. As well, he is helping Pony Poopin’ BINGO to reach their goal of $4000.

Overall, Nicholas is a very well-rounded student and is most deserving of the Service Above Self Award.




Introduced by Greg Reynaert


Hello Rotarians, parents, fellow speakers and recipients of this prestigious award,


In my role as an educator, I have the wonderful pleasure of crossing paths everyday with many amazing, bright and creative students. Today, it is my honour to speak to you about one very thoughtful and talented young woman. Before I begin, I would like to thank the Rotary Club for allowing me to speak today on behalf of a very deserving recipient. I would also like to thank the Rotary Club and the Wayside for providing us with this wonderful lunch.


The tenets of the Rotary Club include:

  1. The call for people to work with integrity and contribute expertise to the needs of society.
  2. The call for all of us to find ways to improve the quality of life of people in our communities and to best serve the public interest.
  3. And finally, the call for the recognition of the importance of empowering the youth of our world today, through leadership.


I will start with the last tenet, first. Emma Kebbel truly is a leader. And she is a leader because of the amazing example that she demonstrates each and every day. She is an extremely bright, intelligent, selfless, thoughtful and outgoing student. She has one of, if the not the highest academic average in her grade and the school of St. Joseph’s. She currently sits with a 99% average in my Canadian History course. She has an amazing work ethic and is a very attentive, organized and confident young woman. Her "keen" interest in everything she does, does not go unrecognized by any of her peers or the staff at St. Joe’s. She does all of this, while also participating on not only one, but three athletic teams - Cross Country, Swimming and Track & Field respectively. To see her work ethic every day in class, sends, what I think is the greatest message and example of leadership and that is: through hard work and diligent effort, comes success.


The 2nd Tenet of the Rotary Club calls for ways to improve the quality of life of people in our community. Not only does she apply herself academically and athletically, but she also volunteers countless hours of her time to the St. Joe’s community. Since its inception last fall, Emma has been an integral part of our school’s Mental Health and Wellness Club, which aims to make people aware of the issues of mental health in our society. Emma was part of a team of St. Joe’s students who created a video raising awareness for Mental Health issues in schools
across Canada, during Mental Health Week. She was also integral in a presentation at our school. To say that she is doing her part to make people aware of this often overlooked issue in our society is an understatement.


Finally, the 3rd Tenet of the Rotary Club asks for people to work with integrity and contribute their expertise to the overall needs of society. Emma was selected by our staff to be the HOBY Representative for our school. Being one of the judges on that committee, I was able to see firsthand Emma’s amazing ability to write and inspire others. I will read to you a small excerpt from that essay;


"People need to learn and grow, not only by those who lead them, but by those who care for them as well. By teaching new skills, by being more innovative and seeking more opportunities for improvement, we can give others the tools to succeed, while at the same time pushing them to take more risks and, finally, to contribute to the overall growth of Canada and all Canadians."


As a judge on that committee, when I read that, it actually had a profound effect on me. Something about what I read, resonated with me. I never told Emma this, but after reading it, I challenged myself as teacher to think and utilize new ways to teach "skills" to students, so that we as educators can properly prepare students for the future that lies ahead for them and for us.


Many people recognize the effort that Emma puts into everything that she does and recently, she also was chosen to be one of our school’s representatives at the YWCA "Women of Excellence" Gala Dinner.


Finally, most people don’t know this, but Emma travels every day from Aylmer by bus to attend school in St. Thomas. And she does all this while working at the Aylmer Swimming Pool as a Lifeguard and helping out at her father's business. It gives me great pride to speak on Emma’s behalf today. And more importantly, I know that our school and the students at St. Joe’s are blessed to have her as a member of our community. I look forward to the amazing things that I know she will do in the future. Thank you.


KEEPING ON THE SUNNY SIDE….President Nancy welcomed students, students’ family members and teachers, and Catherine Janssen, wife of Gerry as guests today. Next week (May 22, Victoria Day) there is no meeting, but on May 29, Serge Lavoie will be on hand to speak about the new elevated park in St. Thomas. June 5 will be a Club Assembly and the induction of new member, Edie Delanghe, followed by a Board Meeting….The District Conference (May 26-28) is drawing ever nearer. To register, be sure to visit the District’s website ( There is no registration fee but you do need to pay for meals. Malcolm Rust showed the ―Brag Board‖ that will be displayed at the Conference. Mounted onto poster board (by Trish Shouldice) are photos of seven unique Club activities: the student Service Above Self Awards; the Tour of Homes; Happy Fins; World Polio Day; the Club’s contribution to St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital; and the Music Festival….Pat Martyn was winner of the 50/50 draw. Fine Master Paul Blower read the letter by Rotary Foundation Trustee Chair Kalyan Banerjee found in the May 2017 issue of The Rotarian: "[H]ow much better the world is because The Rotary Foundation exists."


HAPPY FINS-Donations of $5 to The Rotary Foundation – Annual Programs Fund – credited to the donor in celebration of something good in our lives. This practice was started in this club in 1985 to raise funds for polio eradication at the suggestion of Darwen Lowe, a member of the club.


Pat Baker (1) – For a happy Mother’s Day.
Stew Shouldice (1) – To recognize the achievements of the four students honoured today.
Trish Shouldice (1) -- To recognize the students and their parents and the Club’s involvement in the student Service Above Self project.
Paul Blower (1) – To recognize the four students honoured today.
Catherine Janssen (1) – To recognize what the teachers and parents have contributed to the success of these outstanding students.
Ron Somerville (2) – For the students winning awards today; for the work of the awards chair.
Nick Chabot (2) – Happy to have family members and his teacher here today.
Trudy Kanellis (4) – Glad Mother’s Day is over (975 meals served!); glad that Pony Poopin’ Bingo is over; nice to see Interactor Nick Chabot receive an award today; for the awards chair.
Malcolm Rust (1) – To honour Trudy who makes things happen with the Interact Club.
Nancy Lovelock (3) – For the remarkable achievement of the students honoured today; for the awards chair; for the lovely sunshine on Mother’s Day.
Pat Martyn (5) – For the students receiving awards today; for the awards chair; for arriving in time from Toronto this morning for today’s meeting; for a nice Mother’s Day; for winning the 50/50.


  Monday, May 22 – No Meeting (Victoria Day)  

Monday, May 29 – Serge Lavoie, Elevated Park
                        At the Wayside 12:15 p.m.                  





Fine Master

Monday, May 22

No Meeting (Victoria Day)

Monday, May 29

Dave Moffatt

Ron Somerville

Bill Horn

Monday, June 5

Ron Somerville

Dave Rock

Stew Shouldice

Monday, June 12

Stew Shouldice

Bill Horn

Adriana Balderas


Photos: Trudy Kanellis


The Rotary Club of South Hill’s “Service Above Self Award" is presented annually to the resident of the South Hill area who most exemplifies the Rotary ideal of “Service Above Self.” During the calendar year, this individual must have contributed to the betterment of South Hill by the unselfish giving of his/her talents, time, and energy to help improve the quality of life for people of South Hill community. This service must have been given freely and without monetary compensation during the current calendar year. The Rotary Club of South Hill will recognize this outstanding individual at the last regular Rotary Club meeting of the Rotary year.


  • The person nominated must be a resident of the South Hill area.
  • Service must have been performed unselfishly for the betterment of the South Hill area.
  • Service must have been performed over the past three (3) years
  • The person cannot receive pay for this service.
  • Nominations must be postmarked no later than May of the Rotary Year.
  • A letter supporting the nomination must be attached to this nomination form that explains the nominee’s contributions.
  • A letter stating the reasons you feel this person should win this award.
  • This form and accompanying letter must be mailed to the Club.

Service Above Self Award (Individual)

2005-2006 Robin Allen
2006-2007 Sandra Kinker
2007-2008 Frank Malone
2008-2009 Lou Saunders
2009-2010 Rob Crisman
2010-2011 Carolyn Jones
2011-2012 Bill and Sylvia Solari (Co-Recipients)
2012-2013 Ronnie Wells
2013-2014 Michael Carter
2014-2015 Rosser Wells
2015-2016 Rick Carroll 


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