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Hi ! My name's Lan and I'm a 15-year-old student from Vietnam.It's time for me to go to Gymnasium now and I found Kungsholmens to be the ideal school for me.I just came to Sweden for more than half a year so I don't have much experience about schools around here but I've heard many good comments about Kungsholmens Gymnasium and it's said to be one of the best school in Stockholm that has IB program which I'm choosing to study in Gymnasium.To me, Natural Science is the most exciting subject and it really attracts me.No matter how much time I spend for Physics and Chemistry, I still feel the enthusiasm burning inside me, I always find it fun to learn those subjects, you can discover a lot of interesting things, that's what I love about natural science.Math was also my favorite subject since I was a little kid, and I'm very lucky to have a mother which is also a Math teacher so I always have a reliable support that's why I was always having Math as a great advantage regardless where I'm studying.But to be honest, I'm quite an all-around student,I'm keen on every subject that I study, doesn't matter if it's Literature, Social Study or even Music, I still always try to do my best on every subject.If you have been to Vietnam or you have some experience about the education in Vietnam, you will know that we are '' trained '' in a very competitive enviroment, sometimes it seems really harshm,everything to us is important and is a serious thing.And of course you have to be a very hard-working person to work well and achieve high grades in that enviroment or otherwise you will keep on struggling and you will feel that you always have a nightmare when you go to school.I believe that I'm a hard-working person and can take good responsibility because my work is always handed in time and I was always a highly-graded student in all of my schools that I've studied.Computing is one of my advantage also because I've started to use computer when I was a very little child.Computer always keep me feel interesting time after time and now, it became an important part of my life and my dream was to be an computer engineer, maybe designing hardware, working for Intel perhaps ? I have a great support from the computer, I use it to study everyday so it's like something that have to stick with me most of the time.So I think that's a great advantage for me because the world is changing, everything is getting more modern after time and computer is needed in that world.One of my favorite sport is table tennis and I've '' lived ''with table tennis when I was about 8 years old.It won't feel right without playing table tennis in a day.I play serious table tennis, I train everyday and I've participated in several tournaments and I won few tournaments, I had a silver medal and I won second prize in my district when I was in Vietnam.I'd like to play for the school if there's any competition.Finally, achieve a 100% university scholarship is my greatest goal, I'd love to go to Cambridge university in England but I'll have to work really hard to get it.I hope my dreams will come true and studying in Kungsholmens Gymnasium is one of my dream now.

High School Personal Statement Examples for Guidance

The personal statement is not like the admission essay where you need to answer some questions that are provided by the universities you are applying for. The personal statement is a document where you project your relevant personal details in a constructive way. It provides you the scope to stand out amidst the many applicants applying for admission. It is a way to showcase your skills and attributes in the best way to impress the selection panel to choose you for High School admission. To offer you the guidance you can avail personal statement high school examples written by the best personal statement writer you can find.

We guarantee only the best examples that will help you understand how a personal statement should be written. Or you can look up our sample of personal statement for nursing for more great tips and guidance on writing personal statements.

How to Write Personal Statement High School Examples

We know how much-troubled candidates are when selecting the course of study and applying for admission. So here are some pointers to give you a fair idea how to go about the entire admission process from the start:

  • First and foremost you need to track down the last date of submission and mark it in your calendar. If you miss the last date all the efforts will be wasted.
  • Try to get hold of all the guidelines provided by your selected institute to write a personal statement.
  • Plan out the time as to when you need to start the personal statement. Remember, writing the admission essay and organizing the other documents will also take time. You also need to save time for editing your statement. Start early so that you don’t fall short of time.
  • Start doing the research.
  • Ask question like why you are applying, you makes you a suitable candidate, what are your skills, which skills and information are relevant and should be mentioned etc. Write down the answers roughly.
  • Write whatever comes to your mind. Let the thoughts and ideas flow. Keep ample time for editing. Strictly avoid copying.
  • After writing and editing the valid points to a certain extent you need to consider the style, structure and format of your statement. You cannot be too casual nor need be too formal.
  • You can also avail professional help to edit your english language personal statement, for example, and polish it to refine its quality if you are short of time or feel that you need a professional to check it. The rate is quite affordable.

Original Personal Statement Examples for High School

The personal statement examples we offer are written by expert professionals and are 100% original. It is plagiarism checked, revised, edited, proofread and polished to perfection. You can use the personal statement example or take help from it and craft your own statement. We assure you that with our example assistance you will surely clear your admission process and “get selected”.

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Here, our personal statement high school examples can be really useful if you don’t know how to start or how to finish your paper in a perfect way!


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