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Most machines, items and tools from Thaumcraft 3 have to be unlocked by researching them in the research table. Unlocking items is done by reading completed research theories that you can create with the research table. The research system works as follows:

1) The area marked in yellow is where you can place the items that provide the aspects needed for the research.
2) The area marked in red shows the aspects that will be extracted out of the items in area 1) and used for research. The numbers at the bottom right of the aspect symbols indicate the amount of aspect that will go into research; the higher the number, the faster that individual aspect will be researched. If there is a glowing number of the top left corner of an aspect, it means that this aspect receives a passive research bonus from some blocks or mobs that are in the vicinity of the research table. You can only use up to five different aspects in total for research, other aspects contained in the items will neither be shown, nor used for research.
3) The button marked in light mint initiates a research tick, which might consume some of the items in area 4) and further research one or several aspects in area 7).
4) The slot marked in salmon pink holds the theory that is currently being researched. If you run out of necessary aspects, you can remove the theory and research it again later.
5) The slot marked in azure blue holds the paper used to create the theory items in slot 4).
6) The slider marked in green can be set to either Cursory or Thorough mode. In cursory mode, the chances of research being advanced is a bit lower, but not every time, items from area 1) are being used, while in thorough mode, the chances of research being advanced is higher, but almost every time, items from from area 1) are being used.
7) In the area marked in pink shows your research progress.
8) The parchment marked in blue contains research notes, which might give a clue about what kind of aspects you need to research.

When you first initiate a research, a piece of paper will be removed from the item slot in area 5) and a research note will be created in slot 4). This note holds the current research progress. If you would like to research something else in between, you can just remove the research note, research something else and resume the former research later by placing the research note into slot 4) again.

Once you have fully researched all aspects associated with the research, the research note will turn into a discovery scroll. Equip the scroll in your hotbar, select it and perform a rightclick to unlock the research. This will consume the scroll.

These are the research advances that can currently be unlocked:

Research Overview

Alumentum -

"This substance throbs with fiery energy and it is more than eager to release that energy at the slighest bump. It may be unstable, but it would probably make a good source of fuel.

It is probably not a good idea to throw it against a solid surface unless you enjoy explosions."   - Thaumonomicon Entry

Nitor -

"This flame seems to be fuelled by magic itself. The number of uses for an everburning flame seems endless, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to produce much heat, though it could prove to be a steady source of light and energy.

Nitor can also be placed in the world to act as a magical light source."   - Thaumonomicon Entry


"You have discovered an alternate source of gunpowder! No more hunting creepers for this explosive substance."   - Thaumonomicon Entry

Basic Transmutation -

"You are now able to transform basic metals like iron into golden nuggets. The transformation is not without cost and loss however, but one can never have too much gold, can one?"   - Thaumonomicon Entry

Iron Transmutation

"You are now able to transform other metals into iron nuggets."   - Thaumonomicon Entry

Copper Transmutation
Only available if Copper is added by another mod

"You are now able to transform other metals into copper nuggets."   - Thaumonomicon Entry

Tin Transmutation
Only available if Tin is added by another mod

"You are now able to transform other metals into tin nuggets."   - Thaumonomicon Entry

Silver Transmutation
Only available if Silver is added by another mod

"You are now able to transform other metals into silver nuggets."   - Thaumonomicon Entry

Lead Transmutation
Only available if Lead is added by another mod

"You are now able to transform other metals into lead nuggets."   - Thaumonomicon Entry


"Thaumium is the result of infusing base metals with raw magical energy. The result is a metal harder than iron with the ability to accept enchantments beyond that which iron is normally capable of. A metal such as this has many applications in the crafting of more advanced thaumaturgical devices.

It can also be used to craft tools, arms and armour in a crafting table using the normal recipes."   - Thaumonomicon Entry

Magic Tallow

"You have learnt the secret of rendering flesh in the crucible to produce an enchanted tallow that can be used in the creation of magical candles. You are sure more uses will present themselves as your magical knowledge advances.

It is possible to craft different coloured candles by combining a tallow candle with a dye in an arcane workbench."   - Thaumonomicon Entry

Magical Building Blocks

"You have found a way to merge the strength of stone with the resiliency of Thaumium. The result is a block quite resistant to daily wear and tear. More importantly, these arcane stone blocks are perfectly suited for the creation of magical constructs and structures (including Beacon bases). The lattice of Thaumium that forms the core of this block allows it to be easily transformed into a myriad of configurations. You have also discovered a technique of engraving and enchanting wood allowing it to be used for similar purposes.

By placing four Arcane Stone Blocks together and infusing them with vis with a wave of your wand, the stones will merge together into an Infusion Altar.

The Infusion Altar can be used to perform any crafting a normal workbench and arcane worktable can. In addition it is able to infuse certain creations with mystical aspects allowing for the creation of objects of great magical power.

To do this the Infusion Altar requires a source of aspects - a crucible is a good example of one such source. After placing the components in the Altar you should get an idea what aspects are required to create the object. If there is a source of those aspects nearby you should be able to craft the item. It should be noted that a single type of aspect can only come from a single source - the Infusion Altar cannot draw that aspect from multiple sources to reach the required amount. Different aspects can come from different sources though.

If the source is a crucible you should not that once the aspects are drawn from it, any remaining aspects might be spilled into the aura as Flux.

(Shift-clicking to create multiples of an item will only cause the spillage at the end of the creation process, allowing you to craft multiple items in one go.)"   - Thaumonomicon Entry

Thaumometer -

"The Thaumometer acts like a mystical compass, pointing you towards the center of the nearest magical aura.

You are confident you will be able to craft more refined devices in the future allowing you to discover more information about aura nodes. For now this will have to do."   - Thaumonomicon Entry

Enchanted Fabric -

"By combining spider silk and wool and infusing it with raw vis, you have created a silky length of magical cloth that would have numerous uses. You're not quite sure what those uses are yet, but you are sure you will think of something."   - Thaumonomicon Entry

Thaumaturge's Robes

"You ahve discovered patterns to create cloth robes from magical fabric. These robes have similar protective properties to leather armor, but they are much more durable than mundane materials could ever be.

They also hold mystical enchantments very well and can hold powerful magic much better than even expensive armor.

Lastly the various pieces of this outfit grant a small discount to the amount of vis drained from casting wands when you use them."   - Thaumonomicon Entry

Basic Alchemy - - Automatically discovered if all preliminary research has been completed

"You have studied the creation of simple mystical substances like Nitor and Alumentum as well as the transmutation of metals and other materials.

You feel you have mastered enough of the alchemical art to try your hand at more advanced concoctions."   - Thaumonomicon Entry

Basic Artificing - - Automatically discovered if all preliminary research has been completed

"You have tinkered with the combination of various materials and mystical substances enough to have gained a basic grasp of how things fit together. It has been days since you last blew something up by accident and you feel confident to start experimenting with bigger, better things."   - Thaumonomicon Entry

Unified Thaumic Field Theory

"You have formulated a theory on how the natural and elemental world interacts with the mystical. You finally have a grasp on how the Aura saturates everything and everyone.

Not only is this knowledge enlightening, it has some practical applications. The first such practical application is an improvement to your casting wand. You now know how to create a Wand of the Adept.

It is similar to the Wand of the Apprentice, except it is able to store much more vis thus allowing for larger and more complex feats of magic. It also recharges faster."   - Thaumonomicon Entry

Wand of Fire

"You have successfully adapted the enchantment on an apprentice wand. It is now capable of sending forth a cone of elemental fire, burning all in its wake.

However the wand has lost the ability to renew its charge and will eventually run out of energy and break."   - Thaumonomicon Entry

Wand of Frost

"You have successfully adapted the enchantment on an apprentice wand. It is now capable of hurling chunks of ice.

the wand isn't particularly accurate, and the loose chunks of ice tend to bounce all over the place so take care not to use it near anything fragile. The ice chunks will also freeze any water source blocks they come into contact with.

The wand has lost its ability to renew its charge and will eventually run out of energy and break."   - Thaumonomicon Entry

Wand of Lightning

"You have successfully adapted the enchantment on an apprentice wand. It is now capable of focusing elemental energy into bolts of lighting.

However the wand has lost the ability to renew its charge and will eventually run out of energy and break."   - Thaumonomicon Entry

Wand of Excavation

"You have successfully adapted the enchantment on an apprentice wand. You have turned it into a tool capable of moving vast amounts of earth and stone with little effort.

Simply point it at what you want to excavate and the magic does the rest. Tougher materials take longer to mine, and anything other than earth, stone or similar materials will take much longer to mine."   - Thaumonomicon Entry

Wand of Equal Trade

"You have successfully adapted the enchantment on an apprentice wand. You can use it to trade dozens of blocks in the world with some you are carrying.

You must first choose the block you wish to change other blocks into by sneaking and right clicking on the desired block. When you the left-click on another block it will turn into the target block. Right clicking will transform a whole swathe of blocks.

You must be carrying enough target blocks, and the transformed blocks will replace them in your inventory. Only blocks with at least one face adjacent to open air or non-solid blocks will be transformed."   - Thaumonomicon Entry

Axe of the Stream

"Combining the element of water found within a wand of frost and a thaumium axe, you have created a tool that embodies the aspects of motion and flow.

It functions like a normal axe on all materials except natural logs and trees. When used the axe seeks to the furthest block of the same type that is still connected to the block you are attempting harvest and harvests that one instead. In effect you will chop down trees from the top down even if you hit the bottommost block. In addition all blocks harvested in this manner will automatically flow towards you to be collected.

If you press and hold right click the axe will harvest at a much faster speed, but at a greater cost to its durability.

If shift is held while using this tool all its special properties are suspended and it functions like a normal axe."   - Thaumonomicon Entry

Sword of the Zephyr

"You have merged the elemental fury of a wand of lighting with a thaumium sword.

When used to strike a foe, the blade will sweep in a wide arc, hitting additional foes near your main target.

While blocking the sword will conjure a sphere of whirling winds around you, pushing enemies and loose objects away and deflecting incoming missiles.

While blocking it will also reduce your falling speed to a gentle glide."   - Thaumonomicon Entry

Pickaxe of the Core

"By infusing a thaumium pickaxe with the elemental fire contained in a wand of fire, you have created a pickaxe that glows with the heat of a forge.

When you mine ore blocks there is a chance that you will mine a cluster of native ore instead. Native ore is much easier to process and produces double the amount of metal when smelted.

The pickaxe can also be used to sound out any surface you right click against to find out what the highest value aspect is that can be found within a limited area in that direction.

If shift is held while using this tool all its special properties are suspended and it functions like a normal pickaxe."   - Thaumonomicon Entry

Shovel of the Earthmover

"Combining a wand of excavation with a thaumium shovel you have created a peerless digging implement.

When used to dig earth, sand and similar materials it will dig a 3x3 area instead of just one block.

The shovel can also be used for construction. If you right click on the side of a block, it will attempt to place a 3x3 horizontal section of the same material in the world as long as you have sufficient blocks in your inventory.

If shift is held while using this tool all its special properties are suspended and it functions like a normal shovel."   - Thaumonomicon Entry

Hoe of Growth

"By merging the magical energy from a Wand of Exchange with a thaumium hoe, you have created a farming implement with few equals.

When used to till fields, it will till a 3x3 area instead of just a single block. When used to crops or other plants it will act as bonemeal to promote its growth, though at a higher cost to its durability. It might even be able to grow plants that normal bonemeal can't.

If shift is held while using this tool all its special properties are suspended and it functions like a normal hoe."   - Thaumonomicon Entry

Goggles of Revealing

"The Goggles of Revealing are well suited to divining the mystical world. Not only do they make aura nodes visible to the naked eye, they also allow their wearer to see the mystical interplay between nearby nodes.

Caution should be taken while wearing them since it appears that while Flux is increasing in a nearby aura it causes energetic feedback in the goggles. Fortunately the effect is minor and only causes mild discomfort. On occasion the Goggles also reveal things that would remain hidden to mere mortals. Lastly the goggles grant a 5% discount to the amount of vis drained from your casting wand when you use it."   - Thaumonomicon Entry

Boots of the Traveller

"This pair of enchanted boots have been stuffed full of magic to ease the journey of any traveller.

They allow you to move faster than normal and take even tall steps in your stride. They allow you to jump higher and fall further. Lastly they allow you to cut through water like a fish. A relatively slow and clumsy fish, but a fish nonetheless."   - Thaumonomicon Entry

Traveller's Paving Stone

"You have managed to infuse a block of quartz with elemental earth. Anyone walking over this paving stone will have their load lightened and gain a spring to their step."   - Thaumonomicon Entry


"You have discovered the secret of creating golem workers. While the Iron Golem is impressive in its own way, it is very limited and uncontrollable. You have bridged both those gaps.

Your golem workers have just enough will and self-awareness to make them useful tools, but not enough to render them uncontrollable. Golems can be retrieved by using a casting wand on them. By crafting a Golem Animation Core and combining it with raw materials that form the bulk of the golems body, you can create small servants that do your bidding.

Wood golems can only be crafted from Greatwood. They are only your fist step in Golemancy and their uses are fairly limited.

When placed on a chest or similar container the wood golem will keep a close watch on its surroundings. If it spots a loose item on the ground it will rush towards it and pick it up and return it to the container it was assigned to. For containers that accept items on different sides (like a furnace), the golem will place the items it picks up into the same side it was placed on. So placing a wood golem on top of a furnace will cause it to place items it picks up into the furnaces top slot."   - Thaumonomicon Entry

Golem Animation Core: Speed

"You have cracked the methods required to supercharge a golem core with motive force. Any golem created with this core will move and work much faster than others of its kind."   - Thaumonomicon Entry

Golem Animation Core: Intelligence

"This core gives any golem created with it increased intelligence and reasoning power. They are able to perform more than one task at a time, or make intelligent choices."   - Thaumonomicon Entry

Golem Animation Core: Perception

"Golems created with this core have a much larger perception range, allowing them to traverse larger distances to perform their tasks, or see things they would not normally be able to."   - Thaumonomicon Entry

Golem Animation Core: Strength

"Golems created with this core are able to carry twice as much as they normally would, or inflict greater damage."   - Thaumonomicon Entry

Straw Golem Worker

"The Straw Golem can be placed anywhere and as long as there are fully grown crops, reeds or plants nearby, it will harvest them. Unfortunately straw makes a poor construction material which means the golem cannot carry anything - harvest materials simply fall to the ground.

Smart versions of the straw golem can also instantly replant what they just harvested on the same block as well as any nearby blocks."   - Thaumonomicon Entry

Stone Golem Worker

"Stone golems are sturdy, but also much more versatile than their wooden counterparts. They empty the contents of the inventory they are assigned to and move it to another inventory marked with the proper block. It is also possible to specify which item they should remove from their inventory meaning they will ignore anything else.

Like wooden golems, stone golems are intelligent enough to move and place items into the side of the inventory they were assigned to.

Marker blocks are used by stone golems to determine where they should take the items they are carrying. Marker blocks need to be placed adjacent to another inventory and if a stone golem is nearby it will take any items from its chest and place them in marked containers. The golem will take items to any marked containers by default, but it can also be assigned to a specific colour of marker block meaning it will only take items to inventories marked with that colour.

The side of a marker block is placed adjacent is important, as golems will only place or take items from the side of the marked inventory."   - Thaumonomicon Entry

Clay Golem Worker

"Clay golems are a further refinement of the stone golem research. Unlike stone golems, clay golems will try and keep items you specify in the inventory it is assigned to. It can be commanded to keep the exact number you specify, or as many as it can fit in the container. It will fetch these items from other inventories within range that has been marked with Marker Blocks.

Like stone golems they can draw from all marked blocks, or just a colour you specified. Clay golems are intelligent enough to move and place items into the side of the inventory they were assigned to."   - Thaumonomicon Entry

Advanced Stone Golem Worker

"Success! The result of placing a brain in a jar in a clay golems head has led to a golem capable of much more complex thoughts processes. You may have succeeded to well however, as the golem has shown a disturbing independence. As a result you think it best not to outfit it with any animation cores that would grant it even greater power.

It functions in a similar manner to a normal stone golem, except you have six slots with which to limit the items it pulls from its home inventory and you can individually assign the colour for each of those slots."   - Thaumonomicon Entry

Advanced Clay Golem Worker

"Success! The result of placing a brain in a jar in a clay golems head has led to a golem capable of much more complex thoughts processes. You may have succeeded to well however, as the golem has shown a disturbing independence. As a result you think it best not to outfit it with any animation cores that would grant it even greater power.

It functions in a similar manner to a normal clay golem, except you have six slots with which to tell it what items to keep stocked and you can assign individual colors to each of those slots."   - Thaumonomicon Entry

Tallow Golem Worker

"Tallow golems incorporate organic material into their construction, which grants them considerable flexibility and intelligence. Tallow golems are particularly well suited to work in a thaumic lab - particularly alchemical apparatus. Not surprisingly since they themselves are partially born of alchemy.

When assigned to assist with a crucible and given a bucket, they are capable of keeping it supplied with water. You only need to mark a suitable water source for them to fetch it from.

Their flexibility ensures that they will be able to man similar alchemical and thaumic apparatus and help with their operation. It is unusual for you to need more than one Tallow Golem per task as they are clever enough to to perform the task on all linked apparatus that require it."   - Thaumonomicon Entry

Decanting Golem

"You have discovered how to create decanting golems. They each carry around a warded jar that allows it to transport all known liquids including essentia. Each jar is large enough to carry 64 Essentia or 4 buckets of other liquids.

When placed on the side of an alembic they will function like normal tallow golems, but without having to waste chests full of phials.

When placed on something capable of holding liquid, they will attempt to fill it with an appropriate liquid from any available marked sources. You can also specifiy specific liquids that they should fetch."   - Thaumonomicon Entry

Infernal Furnace

"By capturing a Blaze and harnessing its energy within a furnace crafted from obsidian and netherbrick you have created a highly efficient and fuel free furnace. So efficient in fact, that occasionally it will produce bonus materials in the form of nuggets or other items.

It does however consume a small amount of vis to smelt items. It should also be noted that the magic holding the Blaze is somewhat fragile and the occasional bit of Flux escapes into aura, but when is progress not without risk?

Items you wish to smelt need to be dropped into the top of the furnace and will be spit out the front."   - Thaumonomicon Entry

Arcane Bellows

"The Arcane Bellows performs much the same function as its mundane counterpart, the only difference is that it happily pumps away by itself, sending forth a stream of neverending air.

Attaching it to an Infernal Furnace has shown some interesting results. The elemental infused air not only stokes the flames increasing its smelting speed, but causes them to burn much purer, resulting in a reduction of flux generated and increasing the chance of creating bonus nuggets and other materials when smelting.

They can also be attached to normal furnaces to increase their speed. It is also possible to attach them to crucibles to reduce the time it takes for their water to boil. You are confident more uses will reveal themselves eventually."   - Thaumonomicon Entry

Hungry Chest

"The hungry chest is able to pick up items by itself if they are dropped close enough to touch it."   - Thaumonomicon Entry

Portable Hole

"You have succeeded in creating a Portable Hole. Simply placing this strange sheet of fabric against a solid surface will reveal an extra dimensional passage leading to the other side. This 'hole' remains open for a few seconds and drains charge from the Portable Hole equal to the amount of matter shifted. The hole does recharge itself by drawing vis from the aura.

Holes cannot be created through certain kinds of matter or particularly complex objects."   - Thaumonomicon Entry

Mirror Magic

Crystal Clusters are items that can be discovered during the Research process. The type of crystal doesn't seem to change anything, but the crystal will gradually produce Vis for the nearest Aura Node. It can also over-boost an Aura Node to about 10% over its maximum capacity, but doing so will cause a small amount of flux to be produced. One crystal produces 1 Vis every 5 minutes for the nearest Aura Node (you can see how much vis the Node can store with the Goggles of Revealing).

Advanced UsesEdit

Crystal Clusters can be used with Silverwood Saplings to quickly chain-link Aura Nodes.

Here's a video that shows you how Crystal Clusters and Crystal Capacitors work:

Thaumonomicon EntryEdit

"You have found a way to fuse the crystal shards into larger, more stable, crystalline clusters. These crystals thrum with magical energy and are quite pleasing to the eye.These crystals seem to be able to slowly replenish nearby aura nodes and even boost their vis levels above their normal baseline levels to a limited degree. Of course that will probably lead to Flux build-up, but the benefits may outweigh the negative side-effects "

Research DetailsEdit

Research available after Basic Flux Research.


You need an Infusion Altar with at least a Wand of the Apprentice.

For the crafting, you need 5 Shards of the same (except Dull Shards) or 1 air, 1 fire, 1 earth, 1 water and 1 Vis.


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