Mpw1153 Assignment Sheet


 Introduction to the unit 


 Moral studies course overview.

Understanding the concepts of morality, ethics and values.

To explain the importance of moral studies:




Vision 2020




 Moral agent 

 Intro to ethics and moral theory

 Basic terminologies: Moral, ethics and values.

 Importance of moral and ethics.

 Normative and descriptive statements

To identify and differentiate between descriptive and normative statements/ moral and non-moral normative statements.

 Basic concept of value

To discuss the types and functions of values.

To understand the components that makes up the processof valuing (cognitive and affective).

To explain the importance of value in influencing decision-making.

Theory and system of value.

To explain various theories of moral 

To explain how these theories may guide you in decision-making and make judgments about your actions incertain situations.

To recognize the strengths and weaknesses of eachtheory

 Ethics and religion

 Definition of moral from religious perspectives.

To identify moral values from religious context.

To examine the fundamental similarities of each religion.


Social Moral Theory

Theory of Personality Virtues

Teleological Theory

Deontological Theory9

 Moral Issues

 Life Euthanasia/Suicide/ Abortion Capital punishment 


Sexuality and family

Sex outside marriage


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