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Having sorted out creating climate graphs in Excel, drawing flood hydrographs seemed the logical next step. The theory's the same: two data sets on two axes on the same graph so this wasn't a long job.

The bigger problem seems to be finding data to draw a reasonably accurate and reliable hydrograph from. If anyone can help out with better data please let me know.

Hydrographs in Excel 2007/2010/2011

The instructions will talk you through producing a hydrograph in Excel 2007 - with some pointers for Excel 2011 for Macs (and probably for 2010 for Windows). Use the spreadsheet provided as a starter so that you know how to do it!

Hydrograph Drawing Instructions

Boscastle data sheet

The datasheet is one that seems to have been passed around a number of places. I can't work out where the original data came from - my gut feeling is that it's been simplified a touch. If it's your work please get in touch and I'll add whatever credits you want.

As usual feedback is useful.

If you have problems downloading the spreadsheet please let me know. There have been difficulties experienced downloading similar sheets from this site and I'm keen to try and find a solution.

Here's an example of the sort of thing you can produce.

More on Boscastle

The 2004 Boscastle flash flood event is a pretty reasonable GCSE or A Level flash flood case study. There are loads of places on the web where information can be found, from the obvious Wikipedia article (rather in need of references) to contemporary BBC news articles.

The Met Office Case Study page is well worth a look, especially for a GCSE case study.

Figure 9: Boscastle Flood Defence Scheme (Nicholas Pearson Associates, 2012)

· In 2005, a new £800,000 flood defence scheme opened in Boscastle which includes a new, larger culvert on the river Jordan which will be able to carry double the amount of floodwater.

· In August 2006, construction started on the river Valency flood defence scheme, see Figure 9. In order to increase its capacity the river has been widened and deepened and the lower bridge replaced. A new car park has been built which is raised and set back from the river and a new tree management scheme has been introduced to reduce the chances of tree blockage. Two new sewing pumps and stations and a new sewer pipe to assist with flood flows have also been introduced.

·Flood defence works together with the regeneration scheme cost £10 million and were officially opened in October 2008.
(Environment Agency, 2012).

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