Mb0045 Solved Assignment 2015 Ford


Master of Business Administration- Semester 2

MB 004/MB5F 201


(4 credits)

(Book ID: B1628)


Marks 60Note: Each Question carries 10 marks. Answer all the questions.

Q1. What are the goals of financial management?(10 Marks) (350-400 words)Q2. Calculate the PV of an annuity of Rs. 500 received annually for four years whendiscounting factor is 10%.(10 Marks) (350-400 words)

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Q3. Suraj Metals are expected to declare a dividend of Rs. 5 per share and the growth ratein dividends is expected to grow @ 10% p.a. The price of one share is currently at Rs. 110in the market. What is the cost of equity capital to the company?(10 Marks) (350-400 words)Q4. What are the assumptions of MM approach?(10 Marks) (350-400 words)Q5. An investment will have an initial outlay of Rs 100,000. It is expected to generate cashinflows. Table 1.2 highlights the cash inflow for four years. (Spring 2013)

Table1.2: CashinflowYearCashinflow

1 400002 500003 15000

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