How To Essays For Middle School

Middle School Writing Advanced Essays

Course Overview

Writing Today – The Advanced Essay helps students find their voice and produce essays and other forms of writing that match today’s style and media.  Students can get confused since they write one way for standardized tests, a different way for school essays, and yet another way when they are chatting with their friends. This course helps students find their different voices. Students enrolling in the class should be proficient in both narrative and expository essay writing.

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Course Objectives

Unit 1 – Story and Logic in a Narrative Essay

Students write a narrative essay using setting and chronological time order.

Unit 2 – Story and Logic in an Expository Essay

Students write an expository essay using logical, relevant facts.

Unit 3 – Writing to Persuade

Students use their writing voice to create a persuasive piece on a chosen topic for a specific audience.

Unit 4 – Writing to Inform

Students use the 5 Ws and the H (Who, What, When, Where, Why and How) to write a news article.

Unit 5 – Writing for the Internet

Students use the elements specific to internet writing to create their own homepage.

Unit 6 – Script Writing

Students write a two-scene script using dialogue and stage directions.

Unit 7 – Script Writing (Final Draft)

Students write the final copy of their scripts using edits given by the teacher.

Unit 8 – Show What You Know

Students demonstrate mastery of skills learned and are given the option of writing a lengthy narrative essay or a choice of persuasive pieces.

Middle School Essay Writing

Course Overview

Students enjoy learning to write when they have stimulating writing assignments, timely feedback, and are provided with a writing process which helps them.

Students learn structure that helps them express themselves in writing narrative and expository essays.  With writing assignments such as “please describe the most disgusting meal that you’ve ever eaten”, this course will strengthen your student’s ability to write a well structured effective essay.

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Course Objectives

Unit 1 – Expository Paragraphs

Students write a well-constructed expository paragraph

Unit 2 – Narrative Paragraphs

Students create a colorful narrative paragraph

Unit 3 – Narrative Essay

Students write a narrative essay using an outline or graphic organizer about an event in their lives

Unit 4 – Narrative Essay with Descriptive Language

Students use descriptive language to write a narrative about the most disgusting meal they have ever eaten

Unit 5 – Narrative Essay with Dialogue

Students write a narrative using dialogue to tell about a time they disagreed with a friend

Unit 6 – Expository Essay

Students write a five-paragraph expository essay

Unit 7 – Expository Essay Using Research

Students write an expository essay based upon research they do using a variety of sources

Unit 8 – Narrative and Expository Essays

Students write both a narrative essay and an expository essay to round out the eight-week course


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