Essay On Importance Of Physical Exercise

The Importance of Physical Activity Essay

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Physical Activity is undeniably good for everyone, not only does it keep you fit and healthy but when started at a young age, it can set up good habits for life. Sometimes however, people do not take care of their physical wellbeing, resulting in obesity and other eating disorders which can be detrimental to their health.

Obesity is the condition of being seriously overweight. It is now considered a global health epidemic by the World Health Organization (2000) (McDevitt & Ormrod, 2010). Physical activity is important to children in the middle childhood age group because a staggering amount of children have become overweight in the last few decades and teachers play a role in preventing obesity by becoming a positive role model,…show more content…

It is because of this high level of cognitive function that physical activity and nutrition are extremely important (McDevitt & Ormrod, 2010). They affect the child’s physical wellbeing in terms of energy levels, growth and the ability to concentrate (McDevitt & Ormrod, 2010).

As children grow they continue to need physical activity. One of the methods of exercise that is popular with children in the middle childhood age is rough and tumble play or ‘play fighting’ (McDevitt & Ormrod, 2010). Unfortunately, this sort of play is often discouraged by schools because of the possibility that someone may become injured. (McDevitt & Ormrod, 2010). Teachers must find the balance between protecting children from getting hurt and allowing them to run and jump to release the copious amounts of energy that they have to burn (McDevitt & Ormrod, 2010).

Another unfortunate hindrance to physical activity in schools is the notion that physical activity takes away from time that could be used for academic studies. This is unjustified however, because children of this age group are unable to sit and concentrate for long periods of time without being able to get up and move (McDevitt & Ormrod, 2010).

Teachers can play a large role when it comes to addressing and preventing obesity. Because children spend such a large portion of their time with the teacher, it is the teacher

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Health is wealth. We keep guards to protect our wealth from thieves. Similarly we should protect our health from disease. Physical exercise guards our health. Good health is impossible without proper exercise. Physical exercise prevents the attack of disease. There are some diseases which can be cured through physical exercise.

Different people do different exercises. It depends upon their physical constitution and their likings. Morning walk and evening walk are recommended for all. But those who have weak constitutions are advised not to go for gymnastics.

Free-hand exercises can be easily practiced by all. In schools and colleges, there are facilities for outdoor games. The brain of the students will be free and can receive anything whenever they begin to read anything.

In villages, some rural sports are played. Those include kho-kho, kabadi, monkey-dance on trees etc. Young boys climb trees to collect fruits. These kinds of games and habits serve for exercises. Boating and riding are also good examples of exercise. Playing football, hockey and cricket in school and college has become very popular. In advanced age, people should adopt morning walk in order to keep themselves active.

Mental work has increased for modern man. He does more mental work and less of physical work. In this way he ruins his body. He becomes easy victim to different ailments. Only physical exercise can help him in being healthy. It is a matter of grief that the scope for physical exercise is gradually decreasing.

Students are busy in preparing for competitive examinations. They are not paying attention to their health. They believe that only good food can keep them healthy. But it is a wrong idea. They can be healthy and strong" in true sense, if they do regular physical exercise.



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